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My child has never skated before, what program should I register in? 

If your child has never skated before and cannot stand up or move unassisted they should register in the precanskate program as this program has the most coaching support. 

My child is able to stand up by themselves and move forwards, what program should I register in? 

If your child can stand up unassisted, move forwards and is over the age of 7, register in the Canskate program. If you are concerned that they will require more coaching support, register in the precanskate program. 

My child has some skating abilities and is interested in learning figure skating specific skills, what program do I register in? 

Skaters need to have a base of Canskate Stage 3 skills before moving on to Intro Starskate programming. If you are interested in this, please contact our coaches by email at 

How many stages should my skater be completing in a session? 

While there is no set rule as to how many stages a skater should be completing we usually find that skaters are able to progress through one whole stage during a full 12 week session. This means acquiring the balance, agility, and control categories of a level in order to complete the stage. Some skaters will take a little longer to complete a stage and may need multiple sessions to accomplish it however the coaches will modify the circuit content for each skater. 

We completed a session at another Skate Canada club and have already paid the insurance / membership fee, what should we do? 

Unfortunately our system will not automatically bypass the insurance and membership fee as it won't recognize that you are registered with Skate Canada as the regististration was done by a different club. If you have already paid it, please send proof of payment (such as an invoice showing it was paid to the other club) to, we will them request a club transfer on your behalf and refund the Skate Canada fee from your registration. 

Do you offer private Powerskating lessons? 

Yes, depending on coach availability this is something we can usually accommodate. Our coaches are also available to work with teams when requested. For more information on this, please send us an email. 

What is the Junior Academy program? 

Junior Academy is an accelerated program for skaters who are on the bridge of leaving Canskate and entering the Starskate program. Skaters will receive group coaching and when possible some individual coaching time in addition to off-ice training. Skaters hoping to register in this program need to be pre-approved by one of the Starskate coaches. 

What is the Starskate / Competitive program? 

The Starskate program is training for recreational and competitive figure skaters. In this program skaters receive some group coaching time but the majority of their coaching is done by private lessons which are an additional monthly cost on top of the registration (ice) fees. If your skater is transferring from another club or is interested in skating in this program please contact

I've registered for a class but now cannot attend and would like a refund, what do I do? 

Any requests for refunds need to be sent to to be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Typically refunds mid session are only provided if there is a medical reason (such as injury or illness) accompanied by a note from a doctor. In the event that we are able to fill your spot off our waitlist refunds may be accommodated. 

Is there funding available to help with registration costs? 

Yes! There are a few different avenues you can try in order to receive some financial assistance for participation. Kidsport Fort Saskatchewan is a great organization, and we have also had some success with Jump Start. If you need assistance navigating this, please email us at 

Do you have adult lessons available? 

At this time we unfortunately do not have any adult lessons available. If you are interested in adult programming please send an email to and we will update you if we are able to offer them in the future. 




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